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Colombia Supremo Coffee

This Colombian king is grown in the region of Antioquia at high altitudes, it is hand picked, and follows a wet process. It is also the highest grade of Colombia coffee based on bean size and little to no imperfections.

Our Colombia Supremo showcases lovely and subtle flavors. You will be able to taste the creamy side of milk chocolate, sweet caramel and a touch of tropical fruits.

You will really enjoy this classic single origin coffee any time of the day, or all day long in any of your favorite forms of beverage.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Colombian Supremo is a classic, rich and smooth coffee. It is a high quality and well balanced coffee that makes it a memorable and delightful experience!

Diego R.
One of the smoothest colombian coffee out there

No wonder why it has supremo on it's name. This coffee has been one of the smoothest colombian I have ever had. It is not too strong, bitter, or weak. It is the perfect balance of milk chocolate, and caramel. 10/10 to this Colombia Supremo!

P.S. I also love the fact that they now offer a decaf version for those who love coffee at night but can't have caffeine.

Anthony Lugo
Comfort Zone

I have tried all of the coffees from Dark Rock Coffee, and trust me when I tell you this, this is your go to coffee if you are afraid of experimenting new things. This will be your classic milky chocolate, caramel, and smooth coffee that will make you feel in your comfort zone. It is way smoother to drink than other colombian coffees that I've had before

My one and only!

I am usually a light coffee drinker, but this coffee made me change my mind. I love the taste and the smell… it gets me going in the mornings! The taste is just exquisite!

My new favorite coffee!

The Columbia blend is hands down my new go to coffee. Well balanced taste without the need to add sugar or creamers. I highly recommend to coffee newcomers or people trying out Dark Rock products.