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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

You will be treating yourself to one of the highest quality African coffees when you purchase this exotic Ethiopian coffee, rated top 5 in the world.

This high grown natural processed bean expresses sweet blueberry notes, bright acidity, and light floral flavor with a smooth body. 

We take our Yirgacheffe to a light/medium roast level to highlight these unique flavors. You will be amazed by how sweet and gentle this coffee is


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diego R.
Sweet, Exotic & Different

This is such a different coffee!

I was not expecting to really taste the blueberry. I was amazed by how sweet, smooth, and different this coffee is. I do love doing coldbrews with this specific Ethiopian coffee because of that sweet blueberry note that it has. If you want something different and sweet, defenitively give this coffee a try. You'll be amazed by the sweet notes.

Mat Brooks
Fresh roasted & very balanced

This is a well balanced look at a lighter/medium roast yirgacheffe. This is a fairly sweet coffee that still has some body when brewed correctly. This is a staple during my week.

Anthony Lugo
The blue berry note

I used to drink regular coffee until I was recommended this brand. My friend told me to get the Ethiopian coffee as it was light, smooth, and with a noticeable blueberry note. I was amazed of how smooth it is to drink, specially with lattes, and OMG! with the blueberry note, it is another level, 10/10